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Cup 1 is over. Stay tuned for cup 2!

BRFC and Murloc Geniuses are obvious top seeds for ETS NA. Lower seeds aren't as clear.

The open entry format of this tournament was a pleasure to see some fairly unknown and low ranked teams get their chance in the spot light during 8 qualifiers.

Let's take a look at what teams made the top spots and what the playoffs will look like.

It's no surprise that Bob Ross Fan Club reached the top seed with a total of 64 points, coming out number one in all 4 qualifiers they participated in and winning every single match they played. With regular outstanding team comps and consistent level advantages there really wasn't any team that could contest to the dominance of BRFC. The only struggles they faced were against Cognitive in Qualifier #7, coming back from a 14-16 level deficit in game 2 of the finals and some struggles against Team Blaze in Qualifier #6, ALMOST losing thanks to a BLZ Zeratul backdoor. This is the first time the newly formed team is competing together, but with former members of top teams Tempo Storm, C9, and compLexity, they've become a force to be reckoned with.

At a not-even-close second, Murloc Geniuses enters the main event with 44 points, due in part to winning qualifier #2 and #3. The real test they had during their run had to be qualifier #2 against unseasoned Vox Nihili. In an extremely close match-up Vox was able to hold MG to a third game, eventually falling after a close base race/team wipe, and MG taking down the core with their own at a safe 50%.

Blank only competed in the last half of the qualifiers but were able to jump from 7th to 3rd seed in the very last quarterfinals by taking home the win against favorited 2ARC and ending with 30 points. Definitely a show that anything can happen on a point system during qualifying rounds. They also made it to the finals against BRFC in qualifier #5 and pulled out a wild card in choosing Cho’Gall which made him/them a prime target and, in the end, their biggest weakness losing in the finals 2-0.

Panda Global (formerly Kappa Wolves) enters in third with 28 points, gaining momentum by getting 3rd place in Qualifier #1 and 1st place in Qualifier #4, beating out Team Blaze in the finals 2-0.

Team Blaze is a mere 2 points behind with 26 total points from qualifiers. BLZ had some inconsistent play but was able to reach fourth place in qualifier #2 and even second place in qualifier #4 and #6, losing to Panda Global and BRFC respectively.

NA 11th ranked Gale Force’s is sitting at sixth seed with 18 points mainly due to taking out COGnitive in the semi-finals and getting 2nd place in Qualifier #3, which was also the first qualifier they participated in. Although they participated in 5 other qualifiers they weren’t able to make it passed the semi-finals again.

Although 2ARC was somewhat of a favor for the whole series but they ended up at the 11th seed going into the final qualifier and were able to jump all the way to the 7th seed by making it to the finals and ending with 16 points. They successfully pulled out a win with Cho’Gall versus Stellar Lotus in the quarterfinals of qualifier #4, but chose the same pick in the finals of qualifier #8 and failed pretty bad due to some serious overextension.

eLevate, Stellar Lotus, and COGnitive all tied for the final seed spot with 14 points but eLevate gets to advance on due to more individual wins throughout the series. Their biggest highlight has to be making it to the finals in the first qualifier, but falling to Bob Ross Fan Club. Most of eLevate’s loses in the series came at the hands of either Bob Ross Fan Club or Gale Force eSports. Both of which gained top seeding positions. eLevate may have the lowest seeding spot but they’ve shown throughout the competition they can still be a threat.

It's been an amazing 4 weeks of competition, highlighting amateur teams against well-seasoned teams alike.

The seeds are now set. We'll have to wait another week to find out who's going to take home some of the $5,000 prize pool.

Playoff games can be seen on

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